What is it?

BitKu is a micro-story creation tool, an art toy, a low-rez comic creator, or perhaps none of those. It is what you make it...

How do you play?

You are given a choice of two Themes to choose from, such as Love, Money, Nightmares, Parenting, etc. Then you're given 10 Cards with related graphics to create a 1-4 panel story with. You can also include custom text.

Graphics you say?

BitKu comes with a library of super-minimal pixel graphics to constuct your stories & scenes with. These can be adjusted in different ways & most have a number of States.

Then what?

Share your incredible creations with the world! twitter: @_bitku, tumblr: bitku.tumblr.com. Tag it with #BitKu!

Here are a few examples, with their associated Themes:

How can I play BitKu?

So far it’s free on STEAM (PC/Mac) and there’s a free web-browser version coming soon, but we’d love to bring it to iOS and Android.

Can I play with my friends??

BitKu is currently a singe player experience, but our vision for it is to allow players to go back and forth to construct unpredictable minimal stories.

It’s FREE you say??

Yes! With no IAP. Future versions may have paid content, but for now it's 100% totally free.

I want more! And I want BitKu to do more things!

We’d like to add more stuff, like the 2-player version, many more objects, characters & backgrounds, and PRO features, like saving multiple projects, being able to “sign” your creations, and who knows what else. (ideas are welcome: bitku@pixeljam.com)

What do I do with myself until then???

Well, you can go outside, read a book, socialize, exercize, learn a new language, meditate, self reflect, do your homework, create something, cook a meal, hug people, help someone in need, pet a cat, play with a dog, feed a fish, save the world... You can also check out some of other our games at pixeljam.com.

Where can my BitKu’s be seen by the whole world again?

BitKu Steam Community Hub (ARTWORK): http://steamcommunity.com/app/401800
twitter: twitter.com/_bitku
tumblr: bitku.tumblr.com
instagram: coming soon
snapchat: coming soon