t's time to start making DINO RUN 2!

How will we do that?

By approaching the massive endeavor in carefully planned stages. View the Roadmap to get more info on each milestone, or scroll down for all the campaign details.


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t's time to start making DINO RUN 2! We'll approach the massive endeavor in carefully planned stages, fueled by your support...
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Thank you for funding Dino Run 2!

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    Reward Tiers:

    $5: Half Raptor

    This gets you access to everything we deliver (for Mac, Windows and Linux) while making the game up to a single playable level, but not the full final game.

    You also get 1 Steam key for our original game DINO RUN DX.

    To be more clear: for this reward tier you WILL get concept art, playable physics tests, prototypes, experiments, music and anything else we make during the exploratory phase of the project, as well as the original Dino Run game, but when we end up shipping the final Dino Run 2 game, you will not get that.

    This is a good reward tier to get if you want to support our effort to make the game, but you aren't convinced quite yet that we can make it to the finish line, or just don't have the money right now. You can always contribute another 5 dollars later (using the same email address) and that will bump you up into the tier that DOES get you the full game, which is:

    $10: The Full Stego

    You get everything we create in the entire development process, and you get the FULL DINO RUN 2 GAME, however much we are able to make of it.

    This also includes 2 Steam keys for Dino Run DX.

    $15: Insider

    All above rewards and access to the funders-only channels of our Discord server, where we will spill even more beans about process and progress.

    Also includes 2 Dino Run DX Steam Keys and your choice of a single older Pixeljam game (see the list below).

    $25: Digital Treats

    All above rewards, plus access to our TREATS COLLECTION, an ever-growing directory of Pixeljam-related digital goodies including prototypes, unfinished or rare games, bonus soundtracks and more. Click here for a preview of the current treats. New ones are added once or twice a month.

    $30: Pixeljam Collection

    This tier gets you all above rewards and every game we've made so far and their soundtracks if available:

  • Potatoman Seeks The Troof + OST
  • Glorkian Warrior + OST
  • Last Horizon + OST
  • Dino Run DX + OST
  • Gamma Bros
  • Snowball
  • Cheap Golf

    $60: Get Physical

    All above rewards and a high quality Dino Run T-Shirt. This is the real deal made with thick ink, screen-printed by real human hands, like your dad used to wear. This also includes free shipping to anywhere in the world. See the style choices here, and see the color choices here.

    $100: Small Land Tract

    Design a small "land tract" to be used in the game. You can choose the type of terrain, a few features (like "steep drop", "big hill" or "pond / oasis"), a small stationary dino to inhabit it, and even a little stone with your initials or symbol on it to show the world it's yours! You'll also get a wallpaper / background version for your own use.

    $250: Large Land Tract

    A much larger version of the land tract reward. Choose the type of terrain, a few land features and a large stationary dino of your choosing (or a few small ones), and a little stone with your initials or symbol on it. You will also receive a wallpaper / background version of it.

    Example of a large land tract

  • About Dino Run 2


    Dino Run 2 is a hyper-evolved pixel-art single and multiplayer platformer with procedurally generated terrain, multiple dino types to play as with different strengths and skills, lots of character customization, and most importantly an unstoppable doom wall that's constantly on your tail.

    The inner workings of a typical level - click to view larger

    It's the sequel to Dino Run, which we made 10 years ago and is still going strong today.

    This is a massive endeavor, easily the biggest project we've ever taken on. Big projects are very risky and very hard to make estimates for. So instead of doing an all-or-nothing campaign, we're taking it little by little, creating the game in small milestones, and delivering what we make to everyone that funds it... experiments, prototypes, concept art, dino animations, music, YOU GET IT ALL. And if the stars are aligned, we'll make it to the very end, to the ultimate goal - a game we will be proud to call DINO RUN 2.


    Q: So are you raising money for the full game?


    No. This campaign is to fund and deliver the initial stages of game development - the exciting part where we discover how the game will work, look, sound and feel. Whatever we produce, funders will get: concept art, music, animations, physics tests, playable prototypes, maybe an entire level if we raise enough. And more importantly we will lift the veil and give an intimate peek at how we do it all - our daily and weekly development will be on display for all supporters, using some tech that we developed specifically for this project.

    Q: Why aren't you using an established crowdfunding platform?


    We are! We are covering all the bases: you can support our Patreon campaign right now and we just wrapped up a round of funding on Kickstarter. The funds from those 2 campaigns are rolled into this one. We maintain and update all the various ways of funding and promoting, but this one is the headquarters for our main operation.

    Q: What's with the roadmap?


    This is the heart of our campaign, and we encourage everyone to click on it to explore the full-screen version. From here you'll be able to see exactly what we are promising with each funding goal. If you click on Progress Report, you'll get a more detailed task list that details how we intend to achieve that goal.

    Q: Is this all-or-nothing? What happens when I contribute money?


    This campaign is NOT all-or-nothing. All contributions made through this site will be immediately charged / debited and you will instantly receive any rewards you qualify for, in addtion to access to the process of making Dino Run 2 and any deliverables it creates.

    Q: Is it really going to cost $75,000 to make a vertical slice of this game? That sounds ridiculous.


    Yes. Game development is ridiculous. This is a huge, modern game. It will take that much, if not more, we are sure.

    Q: I'd like to contribute now, and then more later if things are going well. What happens when I fund it more than once?


    As long as you enter the same email address for both contributions, they will be totalled under a single "funder" and your rewards will aggregate as well. For example if you contribute 10 now and 20 later, you will receive the 30 dollar tier if you use the same email address for both.

    Q: I don't have the means to contribute money, can I help?


    Of course! Sign up for Street Team membership and you will receive email updates with action items to help us promote this project to the world.

    Q: What happens if you raise enough to make the vertical slice?


    We will add more milestones, all the way up to the full final game.