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t’s time for us to dust off those dino bones and update our classic Single & Multiplayer prehistoric racing game DINO RUN!

What will we add?

Take a look at the Roadmap below, and click on it to get more info on each new feature.


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So you want to help out? GREAT!

Sign up for the DINO RUN STREET TEAM and we'll send you occasional emails detailing easy ways to help us out. Those that get involved the most will be rewarded with free Pixeljam games and goodies.


t’s time for us to dust off those dino bones and update our classic Single & Multiplayer prehistoric racing game DINO RUN!
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Play The Lateset Builds!

Fund or support Dino Run here and you'll have access to the latest build now, and ongoingly as we work on it.


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Pixeljam has been working with Dojo for years, and we're happy to announce them as our first partner!
Miniclip has been integral to Dino Run's popularity since we launched in 2007. Welcome aboard guys!

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Thank you for funding Dino Run!

Thank you for funding Dino Run!

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    Reward Tiers:

    $6: Survivor

    A single copy of Dino Run DX for MAC / WINDOWS with access to all updates as they become available. Includes a Steam key. Important: you need to contribute at least 6 dollars to receive any rewards!

    $10: Double Dinos

    A copy of Dino Run DX for yourself and a download code / Steam key for a friend.

    $25: Pixeljam Collection

    2 copies of the game, as well as the following Pixeljam creations: Potatoman Seeks The Troof, Glorkian Warrior, Planeteri, Snowball & Pixeljams Volume 1.

    $50: Digital Delights

    Includes all previous rewards, plus pre-orders of upcoming Pixeljam games Last Horizon & Wrath of Pegasus. Also includes upcoming album Pixeljams Volume 2, the soundtracks for Potatoman and Glorkian Warrior, and a digital goodie bag filled with rare images, artifacts, alphas and prototypes.

    $75: Get Physical

    A high quality Dino Run T-Shirt. This is the real deal made with thick ink, screen-printed by real human hands, like your dad used to wear. Check out a preview of the 2 choices here. Includes all previous rewards.

    $100: Prestige Pack

    All previous rewards, plus a small collection of hats exclusive to this reward tier. Also includes a special name treatment for the multiplayer lobby and a multiplayer level that only you can initiate. Tease your multiplayer friends with hats they will NEVER wear. Tease them every day for the rest of their lives! Estimated delivery on this tier is mid-September.

    $250: Dino Designer

    Work with us on a unique hat of your choosing. Keep in mind you don't get to draw it, but you get to conceive of it and design it with us. You decide if it's only for you, you and your friends, or all players. PG-rated ideas only :) Also includes a real patch of your unique dino, delivered right to your door. Includes all previous rewards.

    $1000: Howdy Partner

    All previous rewards, and we'll also put your logo and link on our landing page, and give you multiple shout-outs during our promotion of this campaign. Contact us before you do this to make sure it's a good fit!

    $2000+: Business Time

    All previous rewards and a license to put the new, deluxe version of Dino Run on your flash game portal. You have a flash game portal, right? Multiplayer version is extra... contact us for details!

    About Dino Run


    When we launched Dino Run in 2007, we had no idea that people would still be playing it in 2015. We've made about 15 games since then but the thought of updating and expanding it has always been in the back of our minds. We did a significant expansion in 2010 with Dino Run SE, but it was mainly to offer a way to play the game outside a web browser.

    Well, better late than never, right? We're finally ready to tackle the task of giving our beloved yellow raptor the facelift he's been wanting for so long. But we need your help to do it! Oh no, did we just say that? Yes.. now that the age of crowdfunding is upon us, you've probably heard "we need your help" about 10,000 times. Dare we say that this campaign is a little bit different?


    Q: What is Dino Run DX? How do I get it after I contribute?


    Right now DX is simply Dino Run SE with some subtle improvements. As we reach campaign milestones only Dino Run DX will be updated, and SE will be retired. If you need help installing it after you contribute, visit this handy page right here.

    Q: Why aren't you using an established Crowdfunding platform?


    Many reasons. The long version can be read on our blog . Please check that out if you have the time. If you don't, here's the short version: our needs for this project do not fit in with the all-or-nothing model, and more importantly we're concerned with the lack of transparency in most crowdfunding campaigns today. So, we're rolling our own and baking in some features that will:

    1) Show potential funders a detailed plan of how we intend to spend the money raised and implement the updates.

    2) Create an extensive record of our progress, producing quantifiable data over time to help everyone understand the complexity and unpredictability of game development.

    Q: What's with the roadmap?


    This is the heart of our campaign, and we encourage everyone to click on it to explore the full-screen version. From here you'll be able to see exactly what we are promising with each funding goal. If you click on "Progress Report", you'll get a task list that details how we intend to achieve that goal and how long we think it will take. When we complete tasks, we'll record how long it actually took and leave comments if necessary. By the time we're done, anyone will be able to see exactly how the project unfolded.

    Q: Is this all-or-nothing? What happens when I contribute money?


    This campaign is not all-or-nothing. All contributions will be immediately charged / debited and you will instantly receive Dino Run DX and any other digital rewards you qualify for. As we make improvements to the game we'll send you notifications on how to get the latest updates.

    Q: I'd like to contribute now, and then more later if things are going well. What happens when I fund it more than once?


    As long as you enter the same email address for both contributions, they will be totalled under a single "funder" and your rewards will aggregate as well. For example if you contribute 5 now and 20 later, you will receive the 25 dollar tier if you use the same email address for both.

    Q: I already own Dino Run SE. Will I get the new updated version?


    Yes! Email us with some sort of receipt / proof of ownership, and we'll get you a download code. Although it would be awesome if you could contribute to the project as well... the more we raise, the more we update.

    Q: I don't have the means to contribute money, can I help?


    Of course! Sign up for Street Team membership and you will receive email updates with action items to help us promote this project to the world.

    Q: What happens if you don't deliver on the milestones that get funded? Can I get a refund?


    We put a lot of thought into the order, scope and cost of each milestone. We padded our estimates enough to account for possible under-estimation. We've also been doing this a very long time and are pretty realistic about what we are capable of. We are willing to put our reputation on the line and say with confidence that if a milestone gets funded, we will deliver on it. However, no one can predict the future and tragedy is always possible. If we don't deliver on a milestone that gets funded, we will make our best effort to get full or partial refunds to the people that want them, depending on various factors such as how many milestones actually were completed and the rewards that were already delivered to that funder.

    Q: What happens if you raise way over 50K? Do you keep adding more milestones and content?


    If we raise much more than 50K, we will close the campaign and repurpose this site to just sell the game directly. It may seem odd that we don't want to make over 50K, but what we REALLY don't want is a runaway train of expectation... over-funding is not always a good thing.