So you contributed and want to play DX, but it's just not working out. Well...

You should have received a confirmation email from us immediately after contributing. If you did not, you might have entered your email incorrectly or there was a server error. Contact Us and we'll sort it out.

Click on the very first link in the confirmation email, the one that has "- Dino Run SE" or "- Dino Run DX" to the right of it.

Humble Bundle is helping us deliver and manage all the rewards. The link will take you to a page where you confirm your email address with Humble. They will then send you a new message right after you confirm your email.

The email message from Humble should read "Your Dino Run DX order is ready". Inside that email will be a link. Click on it!

You will then be brought to a page that contains your downloads for Dino Run DX, and other rewards if you qualified for them.

There are 3 ways to access future updates to the game:
1) Click that link again in the Humble email. You should see the new file ready to download.
2) Claim the humble download page by clicking the "Claim this page" button in the upper right corner of the download page:

This will add the game to your humble library. You will probably have to sign up for a Humble account to do this.
3) Activate the game on Steam (coming end of September), which will keep the game auto-updated.

Send us email if you still need help!