The classic space commute of brotherly love is back, on a path to greatness!


  • Version 1.5 is in the works - get Early Access direct from us or on Steam.
  • We want to add Local Multiplayer, and need $20K to do it. All sales count!



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GAMMA BROS is a challenging twin-stick arena shooter about the 2 hardest working brothers in the solar system. Originally released in 2006, it solidified Pixeljam's resolve to pursue the dream and make games full time. We're stoked to re-introduce the game to a new generation of players and shape it up for full "1.5 Release" on STEAM!

"...this simple, Robotron-esque space shooter contains one of the most simple, subtle, and clever methods of developing player/character empathy I've ever witnessed."
-Anthony Burch, Destructoid Review

The Roadmap to Gamma Bros 1.5
Here's what we are adding to 1.5. Click/Tap To see the expanded version!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What's with the roadmap? It's a detailed plan of how we are getting from version 1.0 to 1.5. There are some major milestones, and each milestone is broken down into smaller tasks that you will see us complete and check off on a weekly or even daily basis. Transparency made simple... Q: Wasn't gamma bros a free game once? Yes, and you can still play the free version online on various flash portals. We have already put significant effort into porting the game from Actionscript 2 to 3 (relevant only if you are a nerd) and adding true full screen and controller support, as well as some UI tweaks to make it easier to use. When you fund / pre-order this game, you are investing in the 1.5 version, not just getting some game you could already play for free. Q: Why do you guys keep updating your old games? Where's the new stuff? We make new stuff as well, like Last Horizon. However we've been making games for over 10 years and some of the games we made at the very beginning never got released 'properly'. People should be able to buy our games through their stores of choice, like Steam, Humble or the App Store, and in order to keep things interesting for us and our fans we like to improve anything that will pass through these platforms. Q: Is gamma bros going to get a mobile release? Yes! But we need to get the PC and Mac version out the door first. After that we can devote some time to getting the iOS and Android versions done. Q: Is there anyway to help out besides funding? Click the "get on board" button above (or bleow) and sign up for updates about game progress and ways you can help spread the word. Q: So, 1.1 is different than the original and 1.5 will be different than 1.1, and then if you raise 20K, 1.5 will be... still 1.5 but better than 1.5? Why not call it 1.6? And if it’s 1.6, would that mean that there will be a 1.7 or a 1.8 or a 1.9/ And would 2.0 be a true sequel?? Um....

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